I Will Never Say “I need to lose weight” Again

For a while I thought society was changing. Seeing body positive messages everywhere made me believe that I was now acceptable, that my size didn’t matter. But the real truth is that I stopped holding myself to the standard that society prescribes. I came to the realization that by giving others the opinion that I felt I needed to lose weight, gave them permission to think that as well.

I figured that I could be socially acceptable if I let people know that I was trying to lose weight, that I was “working on it”.

I will never say it again, and I encourage, but don’t prescribe, that others do the same. When you say things like…I need to lose weight. When you put yourself down, and even when you do the smaller things like post pictures on social media of other women’s bodies, the body that you maybe want, others will see you the way that you see yourself. As not “that woman”, as someone fat who can’t lose weight.

So what do I want them to see? I want them to see that I am perfect just as I am. I want them to see that I can never have another woman’s body, because I am not her. I am not eating vegetables to make my thighs smaller, I am eating vegetables because they are healthy for me. I am not exercising because I should in order to be a “Work in progress” fat girl. I do it to keep my heart pumping.

And when I see others posting about losing weight, or talking about it, I remember that I was them once. I once gave others permission to see me in a negative light. I see thin women posting about weight loss, larger women posting about weight loss, it doesn’t matter who you are or what your body looks like. Your body is yours, and you are beautiful. Don’t give the world the satisfaction of labeling your body.

Take the pledge to remove the words from your vocabulary, put “I need to lose weight” in the past, and embrace your beautiful self, every bump and curve.

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